Welcome to my new, In Vision Concept Cards blog. 
Here you will find a variety of information related to my cards - upcoming appearances, unique insights and observations, relevant research, and additional instruction for incorporating these cards in your practice, business or classroom. I'm excited to have this new outlet for communicating and sharing these cards online.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the In Vision Concept Cards, I'd like to begin by providing you a little bit of background as to what they are, how they evolved and how they can be used.

In Vision Concept Cards are a new, innovative adjunct therapy tool and teaching technique designed to assist therapists, educators, life coaches and business professionals illustrate and explore these important concepts with their clients – regardless of what situations they are dealt in life. Utilizing the benefits of combining auditory and visual stimuli
to maximize the learning and retention of new information, these colorful, unique 8½” by 8½”, laminated flashcards are designed to be flexible, memorable and appropriate for use with children ages 9-12, adolescents and adults - male and female alike. Earlier this year, I released Core Set - Volume 1, a diverse sampling of 24 key, fundamental life skills, concepts and themes.

Conceived in the classroom and created for a variety of therapeutic and educational settings, I originally created the cards by hand, one-by-one. In my 25 years of practice as a psychotherapist and counselor, I have created over 150 cards that draw from a variety of influences including books, workshops, professional development, popular culture, my clients and my own personal observations.I find the cards are an interesting, creative way to engage my clients and enhance their ability to learn and retain new information and incorporate new skills into their daily lives.

Regardless of how old we are or where we are in life, we’re bound to face a myriad of situations, stressors, obstacles and opportunities that call for basic life skills that aren’t necessarily taught by our parents or in school. How do we find strength and fortitude in situations that test our limits? How do we learn to believe in ourselves? How can we determine what is normal? How do we balance the pressures of work, culture, and home? How can we improve our relationships? It’s these vital life skills - among them self-confidence, responsibility, coping, decision-making and problem-solving - that In Vision Concept Cards were created to address. Acquiring and building this set of practical skills is essential to our sense of competence, well being and peace of mind. 

I look forward to sharing more information about these cards and welcome your feedback. If there's a question you have, topic you'd like me to elaborate on or information you find relevant to this topic, please feel free to send me an email and I will do my best to address it in an upcoming post.